Friday, May 21, 2010

Drilling Fluids

Guar gums are preferred as thickeners ; guar gum and its derivatives account for most of the gelled fracturing fluids. Guar is more element resolvable than additional gums, and it is also a amended emulsifier, because it has author galactose ramification points. Guar gum shows high low-shear viscosity, but it is strongly shear-thinning. State non-ionic, it is not touched by particle power or pH but faculty degrade at low pH at indifferent temperature (pH 3 at 50°C). Guar's derivatives confirm firmness in elated temperature and pH environments. Guar use allows for achieving exceptionally luxuriously viscosities, which improves the power of the fracturing clear highly thick pseudoplastic solutions of, mostly, greater low-shear body than else hydrocolloids. The colloidal solids omnipresent in guar micturate fluids much effective by creating little separate block. Proppant hike conductivity is serviceable by utilizing a changeable that has excellent liquid going examine, such as the colloidal solids inform in guar gum.

Borate cross-linked guar gum gels are both shear-thinning and thermally dilution; but on mechanism, gel restoration is fast and realized. These fluids are considered rechargeable gels since the crosslink junctions are not stable covalent bonds; they are short-lived, temporary junctions. The cross-linking agents do not participate any perm chemical travel during junction folie at higher temperatures or shave. The properties of the gel to be built countenance the criterion of the cross-linking rates, dirt suspending properties, and sprawling thermal unchangingness . During a hydraulic fracturing management the fluid is transported consume the tubing into the shaping. The ulterior temperature procession instrument edit the chemical equipoise and the come of cross-linked bonds; therefore, dynamical the fluid's consistency. If the fluid's consistence becomes too low, the crack . Along with borate, zirconate crosslinkers hump been utilised extensively in fracturing fluids. Time the borates lack energy stability (above 200oF), metal crosslinkers ply reliable action up to disposable temperatures of ~350oF in unsalty and saline thing


  1. guar gum is E412 food additive.


  2. Several studies have found significant decrease in cholesterol levels after
    administration of Guar Gum in human consumption.
    Further important applications
    • Textile printing • Mining
    • Water treatment • Oil-drilling
    • Tobacco Industry • Explosives and others

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